Phillip Cole Hole in One- Sat 12 May

Published on 12th May 2018 in Guests News, Public Latest News



Philip Cole secured a very impressive hole in one on Saturday 12 May on the 10th hole! Revered by many as one of the toughest par 3, especially on a windy day, Philip took it in its stride with a hole in one on Saturday 12 May.

We post this on our Facebook page on Saturday and received the following testimony from one of his playing partners, Ryan Mckinnon: 

It came off the club sweet… swoosh. It rolls up the front of the green, a short single figure handicapper in the group was heard to remark ‘this is a chance here’. How insightful that turned out to be, the ball drops in the cup, and there was much rejoicing. Phil tried to make us feel better by saying he hit a 7, but we all reckon he hit a wedge. And to cap it all off he birdies 13.

Thanks Ryan for your insightful testimony on the shot and witnessed by you and other playing partners LarryVun and Drew Pearson. 

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