Pace Of Play Trial – Back Nine Teeing Off From The 11th Hole.

Published on 24th July 2023 in Course News, Education, Guests News, Latest News

The Match Committee is continuously looking for ways to help improve the pace of play for all members on the course. On Saturday, July 29th; Sunday, July 30th; Saturday, August 5th; and Sunday, August 6th, the Match Committee will be implementing a trial of using the 11th Tee as the starting hole for the back nine.

One of the common issues with starting on a par 3 (10th Hole), is that the hole only allows for one group to be on the hole at any one time, often creating a backlog of players and causing tee times to run behind schedule. The idea behind the trial of using the 11th Hole as the start hole for the back nine, is to allow for two groups to be on the hole at any one time, providing better flow and reducing delays, as players are coming off the 9th Hole to finish on the 10th Hole.

We understand that there are some logistical issues with starting on the 11th Tee and finishing on the 10th Green. To help implement the trial smoothly, we have created a map outlining where players should move around the 10th Green and 11th Tee.

On the days of the trial, we will also have a starter directing players, as well as ropes and cones to assist in guiding the flow. The timesheets for the trial rounds will be adjusted to reflect back nine players only playing 8 holes before making the crossover, and front nine players playing 10 holes before they make the crossover.

Round time data collected from this trial will also be compared against existing round time data, to determine the feasibility of this tee structure moving forward.

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