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REMINDER: Snake Sightings On Course and South Driving Range

This fella was spotted yesterday on Course and more recently sightings on the South Driving Range – A reminder for members to me mindful in this warmer weather.  See below… Read More

5th March 2024

Travis Harrison Golf Coaching October Update

Daylight savings is back and that means afternoon rounds of golf, staying out till the last ray of sunshine. Probably still trying to fit one more hole in to decide a winner! With… Read More

27th October 2023

Loyalty Clinic A Hit With Members

In a gesture of gratitude for the unwavering support of our loyalty members, a special clinic was organized and was led by expert teaching professionals Travis Harrison and Marty Joyce…. Read More

17th October 2023

First Aid Tip: How to Treat a Snake Bite

In Australia, there are approximately 4000 bites and around two deaths each year from venomous snake bites. The minimal death rate from venomous snake bites is due to the application… Read More

10th October 2023

Course Care: Pitch Marks

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the course and that involves repairing pitch marks where appropriate. If you require education on the proper way to repair a pitch… Read More

23rd August 2023

Timesheet Management

At the recent Match Committee meeting, it was agreed to close the daily timesheets at 6 am on the day of play from Monday September 4th.   This will assist our… Read More

21st August 2023

Men’s Red Tees Available Again

Male members that often tee it up from the red tees will be delighted to know that they will be back in play from Wednesday the 16th of August. The… Read More

15th August 2023

Pace Of Play Trial – Back Nine Teeing Off From The 11th Hole.

The Match Committee is continuously looking for ways to help improve the pace of play for all members on the course. On Saturday, July 29th; Sunday, July 30th; Saturday, August… Read More

24th July 2023

Bunker Care with Blakey

One of the most common complaints from Members, is unraked bunkers.  Below, Blakey gives us a simple explanation of what we should be doing after playing out of a bunker… Read More

31st May 2023


There are many ways golfers can impact play, not raking footprints in a bunker or improperly fixing ball marks immediately come to mind. While ball marks are sometimes difficult to… Read More

22nd February 2023