Vaccination Update

Published on 28th September 2021 in Public Latest News

The Board met on Thursday September 23, and unanimously agreed that the Club should adopt a no vax no play policy from September 29. There are no doctors or lawyers on our Board to give us guidance in this matter, it is just one of common sense to help protect our fellow members and staff minimise the risk of exposure and transmission of Covid-19 to each other during this pandemic. 

This decision will apply to all members and guests using any of the facilities including the course, clubhouse and the practice area, when restrictions allow for these areas to be opened.

There are plenty of processes and regimens that the Club has been working on in anticipation of this, given the government mandating fully vaxxed dining from October so I’ll hand it over to GM, Chris Poulton, to outline the processes we’ll all need to follow in order to make future golf bookings.


Dean Phelan 
Club President

I should add to the President’s comments that in addition to all members and guests, to the extent permissible by law, all employees and contractors will also be required to be vaccinated to a level prescribed by the Club. 

The levels prescribed are as follows:- 

Level 1 – First dose completed

  • Valid from 29 September 2021 until 26 October 2021 (or such other dates as determined by the Board);
  • As many Members, staff or contractors may not have had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated by the time golf returns, it is proposed as a minimum Members, guests, staff and contractors will need to have proof of at least their first vaccination. 
  • Proof of at least a first dose of vaccination must be registered with the Club prior to accessing the Club facilities 

Level 2 – Double dose vaccination 

  • Valid from 26 October (or such other dates as determined by the Board); 
  • Proof of double dose vaccination must be registered with the Club prior to accessing the Club facilities.

Medical Exemptions

  • The Club recognises that some Members may be unable to be vaccinated because of a medical contraindication as determined by ATAGI Clinical Guidance
  • Evidence such as a medical certificate or a letter from a medical practitioner must be supplied to the General Manager to request this exempt status be accepted before the Member can access the Club and the course. 
  • The General Manager reserves the right to request additional supporting information or take any reasonable steps to verify the validity of the exemption request. 

The SVGC Policy on vaccination requirement does not apply to those Members who are not yet approved by the Government for a vaccination.  Any members in this category will need to provide evidence of this to the General Manager before the Member can access the Club. 

In conjunction with this policy, the Club must and will continue with all the usual measures already in place such as adherence to its COVID Plan, QR check in, hand sanitisation, masks, social distancing and number of other limitations in accordance with the directives of the Chief Health Officer.

Proof of Vaccination

  • Our website provider Miclub has provided a solution that gives members the ability to upload vaccine certificates through the club website.  CLICK HERE to be taken to that page.
  • Alternatively, we request that you provide proof of your vaccine status via email to as soon as possible, prior to your first golf booking.

Staff will have the ability to view on the daily timesheet to determine if we have received a Members’ certificate (this will not be visible to Members). If we have not received the certificate, Members will be asked to provide it to the staff prior to commencing their round.

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