Thank a Super Week #ThankASuperAUS

Published on 15th May 2018 in Guests News, Public Latest News
This week is Thank a Superintendent Week and we would like to thank David Phillips, our course super! David has been an asset for the club for nearly 6 years and to start it off – here’s a quick bio of David’s background:
Growing up I got into golf using my dad’s clubs to chip around the back yard and as dad was a left hander(!) he was worried that I would learn how to play standing on the wrong side of the ball but after purchasing a few junior irons at Sandringham golf links I was hooked. From then on I started to play on weekends and school holidays at public courses and this is where my fascination for how the greens were maintained so short and immaculately started. I tried to maintain the back yard like the greens I played on but never could get them any where near the same level. For my 10 year work experience I did my 2 weeks on the course staff at Woodlands Golf Club and then went back at the end of the year to work over the summer holidays which I loved. A week before I was supposed to go back to start year 11, one of the staff resigned and the Superintendent offered me an apprenticeship which took me a few days to convince Mum and Dad to let me leave school early. From then on I have never looked back by completing my apprenticeship then promoted to the Assistant Superintendent position not long after. After a little over 13 years working at Woodlands Golf Club, I landed the Superintendents role at Spring Valley Golf Club which fulfilled my dream of becoming a Superintendent of a Sandbelt golf course. After nearly six years of working at Spring Valley I am still just as passionate about looking after turf as I was as a young boy looking after the back lawn.

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