Crocodile Gazette – Round 11 (SVGC Tipping & Survivor Report)

Published on 29th May 2024 in Guests News, Latest News, Public Latest News

Mālō e lelei Tipsters,

Congratulations to Dave Potts (UK Pottsy), Kim Little and Matthew Delahunty, who all picked 9 this week.

You can see the level of elation on their happy dials below.

Unfortunately for Kim and Matthew, all they get for their efforts is their picture in the Crocodile Gazette, but when Pottsy cleverly picked his beloved Hawks to beat Geelong he won a (fine?) bottle of wine and a dozen Titleists. 

Pottsy is o/s and reckons he will be totally out of form when he returns. So he says that 12 balls to lose and a bottle of red to ease the pain will be perfect.

Congratulations Pottsy!

Kim is our AGM and managed to tip 9 even though she is a soccer fan from Wales. She reckons that as long as she is beating Chris Poulton, our esteemed GM, she’s happy.

Kim hasn’t even picked an AFL team to barrack for. (Yet!) But she is a real soccer fan! Last week she went to watch Tottenham, Newcastle, and the women’s Arsenal team play, plus her daughter’s, her nephew’s and her niece’s games. This means she has clocked up a total of seven soccer games this week!

With devotion like that, it is obvious that the football team she will eventually choose to barrack for will be none other than the mighty Tigers! Well done Kim! Good choice!


Another two unfortunate tipsters were knocked out of Survivor this week, and as you can see below, this leaves only 18 punters still in the hunt for the kitty of $840!

The next survivor tip is not due till the next 9 game round in 4 weeks time. Crocodile will send out a reminder prior, so relax.

‘Alu ā / Nofo ā,

🐊 Michael Dorahy

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