Looking Back…

Spring Valley today reflects the vision, enthusiasm, determination and hard work of men and women with the common objective of enjoying golf on a private sand belt course of high standard with appropriate clubhouse facilities. The vision was initiated in 1947 by members of Forest Hills public course at Dandenong and crystallized in September 1948 with 33 foundation members forming the Spring Valley Golf Club.

Philip Courtney
Philip Courtney, the first president and co-founder of Spring Valley Golf Club

Jack Leech
Jack Leech, the first captain and co-founder of Spring Valley Golf Club


The vision of the founders created inevitable challenges of financing, course design and construction and the provision of clubhouse facilities. Those challenges have been met by the cooperative efforts of many people and, over the years, by voluntary working bees. So many members have contributed that in recording history we have, as far as practicable avoided naming specific contributors. Nevertheless, those members have earned the gratitude of all of those who will follow them.

Today Spring Valley members have a beautiful and challenging championship course on which to play their golf and they can be justifiably proud of their golf club.

Society standards, interests and attitudes have changed over the years and in general, the rules, by-laws and practices of the Club are a microcosm of these changes. In the early years the Club provided, to a large extent, the social life of its members. Today, the choice of social outlets, particularly in licensed premises, is much greater and whilst social activities remain very important to club atmosphere, they now play a lesser role than they did in early years. However, informal friendliness exists today, on the course and in the clubhouse, just as it did when the club began.